Enjoy a BIVA life style with family

Every family including BIVA owner Johnny love cheerful, playful and colorful products with great quality. BIVA is a kids concept store in Hong Kong where parents can find playful, stylish, eco-friendly and functional children's products including children furniture, home accessories, educational toys, cool gadgets, bags & school supplies etc...

Many Customers love our products so much because of their great quality and through colorful and playful presentation on the products; people easily feel the happiness in their heart. That motivates us to bring more joyous and fun products to our shop.

Why Biva?

BIVA stands for Brilliant, Interesting, Variety, Appealing. Those are the 4 main criteria we look for in our products. You will find unique and creative products introduced and imported from all around the world in BIVA. We are committed to bringing products with the highest children safety standards and also are environmental friendly to BIVA. We aim to bring joy to every family. We really hope that you will enjoy shopping with us in BIVA.